A new Republican voice.

As a teacher and lifelong High Desert resident, Alex is running to take the political establishment in California back to school. In Sacramento, Alex will fight for a bolder and braver California which will lead to a brighter future for all.

Alex Walton
Let's take our government back together!

Fighting for us!

Strong Conservative Values

A committed, lifelong Republican.

Born and Raised

An established High Desert resident.

Impassioned Educator

For our kids, for all kids.
Alex Walton



As a teacher and recent college graduate, I’ve seen firsthand the need for an innovative education system. California schools continue to…


Supporting the men and women keeping our community safe is personal to me. My father is a correctional officer in California, as were my…


The Affordable Care Act did not make healthcare more affordable, nor did it make it more accessible for Californians. Insurers continue to…


I will fight corruption in Sacramento. For too long, career politicians have been benefiting from donations and support from corrupt…


We live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth and we need to protect our home for the generations to come. 1. Increase Penalties on…

Economy and Taxes

It is no secret that California has one of the highest tax rates in America. Because of our state’s sky-high cost of living, hardworking…