I will fight corruption in Sacramento. For too long, career politicians have been benefiting from donations and support from corrupt corporations like Pacific Gas and Electric.

As your State Assemblyman, I will never accept donations from corrupt corporate interests nor will I ever sell you out for donations. We need someone who will go to Sacramento and hold both corrupt politicians and corporations and like PG&E accountable for torching our state, making our people sick, and carelessly endangering the lives of millions of Californians.

1. Hold PG&E Accountantable: At best incompetant and at worst criminal, Pacific Gas and Electric has no place in California. They are responsible for thousands of acres of burned land in California and hundreds of Californian lives. As a candidate, I have sworn off donations of any kind from them and, as a result, you can be sure I am going to take the fight to them. As Assemblyman, I plan to seek justice for Hinkley, and every other injustice they have committed.

2. Hold Gavin Newsom Accountable: Gavin Newsom has lied to the people of California on countless occasions and he needs to be held accountable. As a teacher, I plan to take him - and his corrupt administration - back to school.