Supporting the men and women keeping our community safe is personal to me. My father is a correctional officer in California, as were my grandfather and great-grandfather, and my uncle is a police officer for San Bernardino County.

If we want to support men and women in uniform, we need to get Sacramento off their backs. The law enforcement officers in our communities are heroes, and we need an Assemblyman who will go to Sacramento and defend those who protect us.

1. Attack Crime at the Roots: We need to address the roots of crime and keep kids in school and off the streets. I will work to strengthen and invest in after-school programs and extracurriculars to teach our kids that they have more to offer our community than crime.

2. Repeal Assembly Bill 109: This failed bill has made our communities less safe and, as your next State Assemblymen, I will work to repeal it. This bill prioritizes the desires of convicted criminals to the safety of our law enforcement officers and our community and it must be repealed immediately.

3. Repeal Proposition 47: Like AB 109, Prop 47 has made our communities less safe. We need to stop accommodating criminals and start protecting our families.