Economy and Taxes

It is no secret that California has one of the highest tax rates in America. Because of our state’s sky-high cost of living, hardworking Californians are struggling to pay the bills and make ends meet.

I’ll tell the career politicians in Sacramento that we need a tax code that will empower the people and revitalize small businesses rather than take more of their money. We need to get Sacramento out of our pockets so Californians can have power over their own bank accounts.

1. Lower Taxes for Families and Businesses: California families and small businesses need tax relief. In Sacramento, I will always fight for lower taxes to relieve pressure on the pocketbooks of everyday Californians. I will fight cumbersome regulations on small businesses to help create jobs, support our local economy, and create a brighter future for Californians.

2. Protect Local Businesses: Growing up in Apple Valley, I saw the negative effects of bureaucracy firsthand. Businesses opened and closed seemingly overnight. In Sacramento, I will always fight career politicians trying to have more say over business practices than the business owners themselves. Business owners know what their businesses need, and, as your Assemblyman, I will be a vocal advocate for our local economy and business owners.

3. Keep Business Local: For too long, California leaders have not been business friendly, and our economy and our people are paying the price. California businesses are moving to other states at a rapid pace. In the California State Assembly, I will safeguard existing protections to small businesses such as Proposition 13. Furthermore, I will support bills offering tax incentives to small businesses and fight bills that penalize them for existing.

4. Fight to Make Our Economy Sustainable: For too long, Sacramento politicians have been using you, the taxpayers of California, as their personal bank account to finance lofty expenditures. If we should have to balance our personal budgets, so should the State of California. As your California State Assemblyman, I will never waste your hard-earned tax dollars on foolhardy projects