As a teacher and recent college graduate, I’ve seen firsthand the need for an innovative education system. California schools continue to fail our most vulnerable students.

Bills like AB1505, which seek to prevent the expansion of charter schools, do nothing but penalize student success. We need to reward schools willing to think outside of the box.

1. Offer Students Vocational Education in High School: Manufacturing jobs are returning to America and we must promote vocational education and apprenticeships in high school to boost participation. With the High Desert’s unemployment rate nearing seven percent and many trade jobs sitting empty, we need to prioritize job readiness for our students so their potential can be unlocked. We must stop telling students college is the only way to succeed and instead provide students with diverse opportunities. I will work tirelessly to ensure high schools across the state have access to vocational education.

2. Fight for More Access to Language Programs: One of the most valuable things a student can learn is a foreign language. Studies show that employees who can speak more than one language can earn up to 20 percent more than employees who only speak one language. By offering more foreign language programs, we can set young Californians up for success. As State Assemblyman, I will work to ensure that students in the High Desert have access to American Sign Language, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, and French.

3. Secure Charter Schools Status: The best thing parents can have to guarantee their child’s quality of education is choice. Sacramento politicians are trying to take away that choice from thousands of families across the state. I will defend the status of charter schools to assure they can exist and expand across the state, providing choice for parents and students.

4. Oppose Assembly Bill 221: Public service is at the heart of America. This bill attempts to prevent corps members from service organizations like Teach For America into low income schools and, as California State Assemblyman I will never villainize public service. I will actively fight this bill in order to prevent a greater teacher shortage in our most underprivileged communities